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Photography Challenge: Whatever the Weather

Hello! Big thanks to Bev and Gail for this week's gallery. An early morning wren fro Gail is sure to attract your attention to this post!

And now for Bev's lovely pics of Windermere.

Here are Gail's pics of a much loved place in Yorkshire, 'where the River Ribble runs in North Yorkshire. Remembering a time from three years ago on a hot July afternoon when a group of friends swam in this river. In Autumn you will see the Salmon leaping here to reach their spawning place'. Don't you love the heart shaped pool? And those bubbles!

Here's one from Bev I forgot to include last week from the River of Light Festival.

And Bev spotted some cheery signs of spring - gorgeous tulips and forsythia.

Great gallery - thanls so uch for sharing them.

This week's challenge is weather in whatever way you'd like to show it. It could be your favourite sun hat, sunlight coming through your window or rain on the window.

Here are mine. When we had that brief snow shower last week, it quickly turned to sleet then hail - at least where I was. Then I found these hailstones in a rusty trailer. I like the contrast between the colours and textures.

But as you know we like to receive photos on any theme and it can be as simple as something which just caught your eye. Please send your photos to:

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