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Hello! A lovely range of poetry this week from thoughts on the lockdown to ageing to food and the relaxation a garden brings. Enjoy!

This week's theme is ageing. How do feel about ageing? Is it something which worries you or will it be a time to stop worrying about what others think and finally be yourself?

We'd love to receive your poems on this or any other theme. Please send them to:


A lovely mix of work today and many thanks to Gillian, Julie, Stephen and John for sending your poems in.

If you'd like to write to a theme this week, have a think about travelling around Liverpool when you were very young. Bus and train journeys, landmarks, sights and sounds. What has stuck in your memory and perhaps makes you feel a little bit nostalgic. The ferry will always do that for me.

But we welcome work on any theme so please send any poem you'd like to share to:


Thanks to Chris, Gill, John H and Adele for this week's poems.

The theme for this week is wild. You can interpret that in any way you like! From wild flowers to wild creatures, wild weather to wild parties! And anything in between. Please send your poetry on this theme or any poem you'd like to share to:


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