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Poetry - Of Lights and the Season for Love

Hello! Big thanks to Gill and John for this week's poems. And as it's the last day of autumn, I read a couple of poems which reflect on the end of seasons which also leads to this week's prompt.

Another poet I've only recently discovered is Maia Mayor. Here she is reading her powerful poem 'Perfect'. And just to warn you, there is one 'f' word in this.

This week's prompt is about winter. It can be a difficult season with the shorte days and colder weather. But are there things about winter which you really appreciate? Being cosy and warm, making food you only eat when it's cold? Do you particularly enjoy Christmas?

But as ever, poems on any theme are welcome. Please send them to:

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1 Kommentar

30. Nov. 2020

Great poem from John, loved the season poems,Tracy . Also lovely perfect poem by Maia .Enjoyed it all thank you

Gefällt mir
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