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Poetry - Of Mean and Beautiful Natures

Hello! Big thanks to Gill and John for today's poems. I took them outside as it was such a lovely day.

And here's Maya Angelou with her fantastic poem, And Still I Rise. Well worth a listen.

This week's prompt is cosy or cosiness. What makes you feel cosy?

As ever poems on any theme are welcome and please send them to:

Please note there is a change coming! Next Monday will be Photography Challenge and the following will be poetry again and they'll alternate like that.

But please send poems and photos as and when you like and I will keep them safe!

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2 opmerkingen

29 dec. 2020

You are very welcome Tracy


28 dec. 2020

Lovely John that was fab. Still i rise very good, nice reading Tracy thank you.Best wishes to you and all the pss team happy New year.

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