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Poetry - Seaside Beacon & Scoops of Ice Cream

Hello! Big thanks to Gill and John for this week's poems.

This week's prompt is to write a limerick about ice cream. Here's an example from me. I may have rewritten it slightly since I made the video!

I once had ice cream in the pool the taste was so great I drooled mint choc chip down me chin all the way to me shins in Church Street I felt such a fool.

Remember the 1st, 2nd and 5th lines rhyme and the 2nd and 3rd lines rhyme.

Please send your poems on this or any theme to:

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9 comentarios

24 sept 2020

Wowser! That's some hooley blowing up in the Highlands Tracy! Caught a glimpse of the Loch behind you, but no sign of Nessie. The poetry this week just seems to keep getting better as time goes by! I could almost smell the Cow dung, and the softness of the Cows head in Adele's poem 👍🏼😊. John, what can I say? Nothin argh shut up 😉 Donlad Trumpster has jumped on your bandwagon now after your brilliant Ice cream & Megs & H mention ! Gill, I could picture you leggin it to your Mam for them coppers for an icey 😍but definitely no blue sweet sauce be like Smurf juice . Thank's for great work once again All, cracker Scottish…

Me gusta

17 sept 2020

Brilliant poems everyone!

Me gusta

16 sept 2020

Thank you all kind comments also nice poems ftomJohn & Tracy

Me gusta

14 sept 2020

Arrrrrr ahaha nice one Gail 😂👍🏼😂

Me gusta

14 sept 2020

Go on Bev have a double flake and tell yourself cos I'm worth it 😊

Me gusta
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