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Power of the Pooch - Community dog walks with Pets and Pals!

Calling all dog lovers and folks interested in joining for a group walk with dogs ...

Pets and Pals will be running a number of taster sessions at PSS Wellbeing Centres - more details below.

The sessions are open to people already registered with PSS.

If you are interested please book your place by contacting the PSS Wellbeing team.

Here's more from Richard (@Pets and Pals) :

Taking the dog for a walk has many benefits for our health and wellbeing - physical exercise, out and about in nature, the companionship of others, not to mention the joys of watching the rapt attention of the pooch as he/she sniffs their way through the whole trip relishing all that the environment has to offer them. The dog loves it and, more often than not, that positivity rubs off on their walk mates.'
'It was with this simple premise that Liverpool based social enterprise Pets and Pals started organising dog walks for all who wanted to take part over eight years ago. So whether you have a dog of your own, have much experience with dogs, are maybe a bit nervous around them, or would simply like to spend a bit of time with dogs (but without the commitment they can demand), all are welcomed to our community dog walks.

If you'd like to know more about Pets and Pals you check out the website here:

PPnewsJune 2021
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Jul 08, 2021

Those dogs were gorgeous! 🐶


Jul 07, 2021

Went today from the Brolly, wonderful walk by the Anglican cathedral watching Arthur and Betty (the lovely dogs) cavorting round the park and splashing about in the spring water pond in the sunshine. Really relaxing thankyou


Jun 20, 2021

A great idea!

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