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Reflections on the WRAP course at PSS Wellbeing Centres

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Notes on my Wellness & Recovery Action Plan (WRAP), by Bev.

"Some time ago now, I attended the WRAP Course at PSS Belle Vale. The course was led by Sandra & Ann. For each course I have attended with PSS over the years, there's always something I've taken away from each one of them to help me in times of need and distress to get well again, including anxiety management and lifting mood courses.

The course helps you to create a personal plan for continuing to look at your wellbeing. It helped me to identity what was working for me personally and also how to look out for warning signs if my mental health was declining. Each session had a discussion, sharing in the group and opportunity to write in your own ideas into a personalised plan.

One thing I found really useful was to start keeping a Diary/Journal, this would remind me not only of appointments for thing's that make me anxious, such as PIP Assessment, Medical, but to plan ahead to get extra support around this . It also helped me to make time for other lovely thing's that I enjoy doing - writing things down isn't usually something I do but with WRAP it helped to motivate me to do so and by writing something down I had it there to remind me afterwards.

This helps to aid my recovery as a Whole Person, not just the person someone sees for themselves in a short period of time, but for my lifetime.


MUSIC - Create a positive playlist of songs that help you feel positive.

STAYING IN CONTACT WITH FRIENDS/FAMILY - Create time for phone calls, texts and letters to the people that matter and when appropriate let them know how you feel.

HEALTHY EATING - One suggestion is to be mindful when creating a shopping list, plan ahead. Lots of healthy and easy recipes online!

GETTING ENOUGH REST/SLEEP -  Trying to change a sleep pattern doesn't always come easy but some tips from others help, like practising a meditation before bedtime, getting into a habit of turning your phone/TV off an hour before trying to sleep or how about using lavender oil on your pillow.

EXERCISE WHETHER INDOORS OR OUTSIDE IN THE FRESH AIR AMONG NATURE - Plan a walk in nature, dust of the old bicycle or find an online yoga teacher to spend some time with.

BEING IN CONTACT WITH PEERS FOR SUPPORT  - Usually I attend PSS groups including peer led sessions where we all support each other, currently this can be keep going by joining in on the blog and sharing comments with each other.

Another part of my WRAP plan was to be aware of triggers, identify things not so helpful and create safety networks to support this:


MISUSE OF ALCOHOL & RECREATIONAL DRUGS - I can now keep in touch with support services, sponsors and reading motivational quotes.

SKIPPING MEDICATION OR SELF MEDICATING - I can now keep a list of pros and cons, creating a routine to get into healthy habits.

I found the WRAP course really helpful as a guide to self-awareness and to remind me of the healthy habits I have been picking up along my well- being journey!

Just to end I'd like to share some photos, quotes and music that are currently keeping me positive!

And a song that always gets me motivated. Listen to Ben Howard “Keep your head up” Stay Well Everyone, Bev.

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Sep 04, 2020

Thanks for sharing Bev, i'm sure your encouraging words and insight will help others


Aug 20, 2020

Really useful knowing what keeps you well and makes you happy!

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