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The Strumbrellas

"Hi Ukelovers,

In this week’s Strumbrellas session we warmed up with a rendition of ‘Octopus’ Garden’ which is now very familiar to everyone and is still a great singalong tune.

We had a wide and varied chat about folk festivals and the roots of folk and country music country. We had our first glimpse of the ‘Lockdown Blues’ video which will be going live soon, and we began discussing the next ‘Strumbrellas’ project.

As everyone had been practising ‘Feeling Groovy’ through the week we finished our session with a rendition of this lively and catchy tune.

Please feel free, as ever, to join us for next week’s session, and remember to check out over the coming weeks to see and hear ‘Lockdown Blues’.

Click the link below to join us on Tuesday 25th August at a place called Zoom,

Keeeep pickin’,


*Strumbrellas is open to anyone who has completed the beginners ukulele course with us at PSS Wellbeing Centres. Chat to the team for more details*

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