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The Strumbrellas - Octopus' Garden & Freight Train

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Over the coming weeks Strumbrellas will be coming to you via the blog in forms of video, song recording and top tips for practice.

What a great time to practice your uke or if its your first time , to tune in and find out more about the group, hear the songs they play and learn about their practice each week!

Today we have some suggestions from Richard and Elsa, who peer support the group on Tuesday afternoons.

“Hi everyone,

Here are a few teaching aids for today’s blog post: This is a link to the music and video to the Scaffold singing Lily the Pink, it’s in our repertoire. It also will take people to a site with thousands of song lyrics to pick from…. – This link is to a video from the “Ukelele Teacher” and the song “don’t Stand So close to me!”

It’s for a more advanced player but the sentiments are timely and I would recommend this teacher as he has a range of levels of songs, has his own App and is my favourite online teacher.

Take care everyone and keep strummin’ ~ Richard & Elsa”

Strumbrellas are currently meeting up on Zoom to practice ; this is open to anyone who has completed the beginners ukulele course at PSS Wellbeing Centers.

Some notes on this weeks session from Paddy :

"We kicked things off with a rendition of ‘Jamaican Farewell’. Pete has kindly reformatted the chord sheet to include chord shapes and strumming pattern, which I have attached. We also ran through a different version of ‘Freight Train’ which Richard led. Richard has been listening to, and has been inspired by, Elizabeth Cotton’s performances on YouTube. We finished off with ‘Octopus’ Garden’ led by Stevie G (unfortunately, we don’t have the Ukes playing on this but great singing by Stevie)."

Big thanks to the guys for sharing their latest jam session!

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