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Think You Can't Draw?

Try some simple folk flowers


For the last session we looked at folk art. This is something found all over the world and you can recognise it by its simple shapes and bright colours.

It's something that could easily be combined with some hand lettering to make cards or some art for your wall.

We started with simple leaf shapes.

Then a simple tulip like flower.

And then in a different style. Lines and dots are a great way to add more interest.

More flowers!

And a couple of ideas for combining everything.

Have fun!

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Apr 30, 2021

Lovely comment Gail .Great sessions Tracy sorry couldn,t join you

all.But a bit of luck today zoom decided to work so was happy.with all my friends

on open mic


Apr 29, 2021

Thanks so much for these drawing sessions Tracy. Personally i found them relaxing and a lot of fun. So simple and yet i'd not had the confidence to try before. Appreciate also they are now available on the upbeat site for us all to have a go some more. Hoping this is not the last last session ever and they will happen in the future either online or when the opportunity allows in groups at the centres. Now that would be brilliant 😁

May 02, 2021
Replying to

Lovely Gailxx

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