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Think You Can't Draw? Something to Try

Hello! Mushrooms were the theme for the final drawing session in our Creative Space for Women. And we thought you might like to have a go too.

Like the cacti last week, the mushrooms have been broken down into simpler shapes to make them easier to draw.

Don't worry if your shapes are different - so is every mushroom!

If you practise drawing for a few minutes every day you will soon see regular progress and start to feel more confident. Best of all, drawing bcomes easier and that makes it even more enjoyable.

If you let go of any idea of having to be perfect, drawing can become a useful tool in calming anxiety and lifting mood.

If you decide to give it a try, a top tip is to use a pen rather than a pencil. It helps you live with drawings that don't go to plan and will build your confidence more quickly.

Have fun!

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