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Think You Can't Draw? Something to Try


This week was all about simple shapes and pattern. And everyone found fish a simple place to start. Here are a few step by step examples in case you'd like to have a go.

You can choose any shaoe you want of course - fish come in an azaming array of shapes, colours and sizes. And the trick is not to worry if the shapes are wonky - that's called adding character!

Feel free to do without teeth if you'd rather!

Another important tip - don't draw one then decide it's rubbish and stop. I used you do that which is why it's taken me years to get into drawing, when I could've been practising getting better all this time.

Play around with pattern and find out what appeals to you. The group found this very soothing.

And main thing tip wise is to see the whole thing as playing...I insist :-)

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