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Think You Can't Draw? Something to Try


This week in the drawing session we played a game. First, we drew rows of eyes, noses and mouths.

Then we chose oneof each, for example A1, B2 and C3 - and that combination gave us this chap. And then we imagined what he might be thinking. Oh - and we gave him a head shape and a bit of hair.

Of course, each person's drawing looked different because everyone has their own style - and that's part of the fun of drawing together - seeing how differently everyone draws even if we're using the same starting point.

So we carried on like that and added some shading that we'd started working with the week before...except the chap above because I forgot...he hem.

If you look at the features one by one, they're very simple shapes. It's just a question of deciding what style of everything you like and then putting them together. Some people like dots for eyes, for example, others prefer something more realistic. And have you noticed what a difference a pair of eyebrows makes?

So why not give it a go?

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