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Callout - We want to hear your stories

Living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) or a diagnosed Phobia can be challenging. 

It is a topic that is not discussed enough, and we would love for you to share your stories with us.

By sharing your story, you could help others in your shoes who need advice on creating their own coping strategies.

We want to hear how you discovered you may have these diagnoses, and what symptoms were the warning signs for you?

Also, we would be grateful to hear how you manage your symptoms, whether that be meditation, talking therapies, or any other useful coping strategies you would like to share. 

Your story could be used in our next Upbeat article to inform others about these diagnoses, as well as advise others what symptoms they should look out for and how to manage them. 

Please tell us if you would like to remain anonymous, as no information about yourself will be shared without your consent.

Send your story and advice to:


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