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Creative Share: Elwyn's music

Experimental Music from Elwyn.

Elwyn has kindly shared with us a piece of his experimental music. Elwyn explains his music below but as always it's listening that counts:

Click on the link below and have a listen:

"I wrote this track with software on a PC. I usually use hardware with physical controls but this was completely mouse driven.

Initially it was a simple loop of drums and chords I quickly sketched together and repeated. But it gets boring when the loop is static and continuous so I like to program little random fluctuations of feedback and such ,which when added together make the loop breath with a life of its own , continuously changing and evolving. I used to let the computer play for hours while I made the finishing touches (to give it structure, like write the melody over the top - which it felt it needed to make sense) and it would never repeat the same way exactly twice. Eventually I printed it to an audio file, well a few audio files, and picked the best one.

The stuff at the end is a bad habit I have of recycling any unused ideas I have and placing them there.

Enjoy & feedback...

Cheers, Elwyn"


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