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Cultural Highlights – August

This month we have a day dedicated to felines (all praise the fluffy furballs!) with International Cat Day on the August the 8th. In addition, there is World Humanitarian Day on the 19th, a global celebration of people helping people.

In the spirit of showing appreciation Corinne Jones has handpicked us some online seminars this month that presents other marvels to be thankful for, from the beauty of the botanical gardens to the classical architecture of Ancient Greek.

4th August at 7.30pm. Caravaggio.

Join Dr Gonzalez (PhD historian) for an online seminar delving into the captivating world of Caravaggio, the legendary Italian artist. This event is a unique opportunity to explore Caravaggio's ground-breaking techniques and masterpieces from the comfort of your own home.

6th August at 6pm. Botanical Art.

Are you an artist who loves to explore the intricate details and colours of the natural world? Do you find inspiration in botanical gardens, the beauty of flowers, and the changing seasons? If so, this club is perfect for you.

8th August at 2pm. The Knights Templar.

Starting as humble warrior-monks protecting pilgrims in the Holy Land, the Knights Templar developed a global support network and became rich and powerful. A look at London sites connected with their headquarters and brutal suppression. Join City Guide Robert Stephenson to find out more.

10th August at 7pm. Fab Peregrines.

Find out about Peregrine Falcons by learning about the Peregrines who live and breed on Charing Cross Hospital, also known as the Fulham and Barnes Peregrines or FaB Peregrines!

Nathalie Mahieu has been monitoring the Peregrine Falcons who have chosen to live at Charing Cross Hospital since the first one settled there in 2007.

12th August at 1pm. Chinese music workshop.

Join Dr Shu Jiang as she guides you through the process of reading Chinese music notations, introduces you to the main performance style of the Chinese 21-string zheng and 7-string qin, and immerses you in the enchanting world of the Chinese zither sound.

19th August 3pm to 6pm BST Diana Ross in concert.

This program will include a brief introductory overview of Diana's inspiring life growing up in Detroit and her career with The Supremes and as a solo artist with Motown Records. Then we'll watch several of the thirty songs she performed in Central Park over two nights: the initial July 21 concert was rained out but Diana returned the following night, July 22.

During the online/virtual program there will also be an opportunity to discuss the music with other participants via Zoom.

23rd August 8pm. Rembrandt

Discover the stories behind Rembrandt's most celebrated artworks, such as "The Night Watch" and gain a deeper understanding of his artistic genius. Through engaging discussions and visual presentations, you'll gain insights into the historical context and the artistic significance of Rembrandt's contributions.

23rd August at 7.30pm. Classical Architecture

What we widely understand by Classical Architecture is the result of a process that was initiated in Ancient Greece, continued by Ancient Rome, refined in Italy and Western Europe during 15th and 16th Centuries, exported over the world and rethought and redeveloped since then until the present. Classical Architecture is one of the most important architectural features created by Europe and one of the most beautiful architectural legacies of Humankind.

29th August 2pm. The Elgin Marbles.

When Lord Elgin arrived in the Ottoman Empire as British ambassador, his main concern was to ensure good relations with the Turks against their mutual enemy, the French. He could not have realised that his name would be forever associated with some of the masterpieces from the Ancient World.

Elgin originally intended the Parthenon sculptures should adorn his own home but the experience of bringing them to Britain ruined his health, his marriage and his bank balance.

The sculptures he brought back to Britain used to be called the Elgin Marbles and have been a favourite of visitors to the museum for over 200 years. Join Dr William Sterling to learn more.

30th August at 5pm. Gaia’s Golden Age.

Enter Gaia’s Golden Age and learn how to deeply honour, awaken, bring magical nature spirit relationships back to your home, land, waters.

We will enter Gaia’s Temple to meet with the sacred spirits of Gaia—Elementals, Fairy Realms, Plant Medicine, Ancestors, and The Councils of Gaia­.


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