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Cultural Highlights in November

Brrrrr! Do you feel that chill in the air? Not to use that popular quote from that famous TV show, but... Winter is Coming! Our fabulous Corinne here at PSS Wellbeing Centres has delved deep this month to find us intriguing and fascinating seminars to feed the mind. Have a listen and see what is on offer this November.

November 2 at 7.00 The Miao Ethnic Minority

Join Tan Suo Cultural Travel for a free seminar that takes you off the beaten track in China.

In keeping with their desire to promote the ethnic minority groups of China and to thus help them preserve their cultures, Tan Su Central dedicated this presentation to the Miao ethnic minority.

The Miao ethnic minority predominantly live in the mountainous provinces of Guizhou and Yunnan, both of which are nestled in the lush climes of southern China. They are renowned throughout China for their skill at embroidery and silver-smithing, with their elegant silver jewellery dazzling the crowd at any Miao festival.

November 2 5.30. Art unlocked National Jazz Archieves

Art Unlocked is an online event series brought to you by Art UK in collaboration with Bloomberg Philanthropies. Each week, different museum and gallery curators and directors from across the UK will deliver a 30-minute talk on selected works from their collection.

Sunday 6 November at 4.00 pm Yorkshire Festive of Story Telling

Creating Folklore stories

How would our world be different if we could experience the seemingly inanimate world as alive, its own storyteller? In this nature-inspired workshop with Californian storyteller Cyndera Quackenbush, you will witness billion-year-old stone imagery from Death Valley, California and learn how creating your own folkloric-style stories, inspired by natural imagery, can spark innate care for the environment — and for yourself.

6 November at 3.00 BST John Wesley Gilbert

Born into slavery in rural Georgia, John Wesley Gilbert (1863-1923) rose to national prominence as a classical scholar, teacher, community leader, and missionary. As a member of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens in 1890–91, Gilbert was the first African American to conduct archaeological work in Greece. Yet for many decades, his pioneering achievements were forgotten. Professor John W.I. Lee, who recently published the first biography on Gilbert, shares his years-long quest to reconstruct the archaeologist's remarkable life and career.

November 16 at 1.00 An inconvenient woman

Dolly Sen, author of the pamphlet Lorina Bulwer published Red Herring Press, will talk about Lorina Bulwer, a needleworker incarcerated in a Victorian lunatic ward of Great Yarmouth workhouse. Her embroideries of rage, scorn and gossip were her protest and now are important pieces of history and art. Find out more about her life, her legacy, and mental health and art.

16 November at 6.00. 1930s Aviation in Fiction

Westminster Libraries and Archives are delighted to present the next online talk with Kate Macdonald, historian and director of Handheld Press.

Kate Macdonald will be in conversation with Luke Seaber of University College London on the remarkable aviation writing of John Llewelyn Rhys, and the culture of the air in 1930s Britain.

16 November 6.30 William Shakespeare

Join actor and tour guide Nick Richmond for a trip back in time to the London of William Shakespeare. We will visit the places he lived and worked, the pubs he drank in and the theatres in which he performed while writing his greatest plays. To stream or not to stream , that is the question . Whether tis nobler in the mind to bear the dodgy reception and dodgier English weather or to take an umbrella and a gimbal against a sea of tourists and by saying "excuse me" a lot , avoid them .

November 22 at 7.00. Story of Tutankhamen

We are hosting an exciting talk with journalist and author, Garry Shaw, as part of our The Reading Agency Presents (TRAP) series. Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered in November 1922 by Howard Carter and now, 100 years to the month of the discovery, we are thrilled to hear from Garry Shaw in what will prove to be a captivating talk. There’s also an opportunity for our online audience to ask any burning questions.

24 November at 7.00 Chinese symbolism in the Animal Kingdom

Delve into the symbolism behind certain key animals within Chinese culture and exploring the many ways these symbols were used throughout Chinese history in art. Some animals we'll discuss won't come as a surprise to you, such as the noble lion, but you may be shocked to find that animals such as the bat and the cricket also continue to play a crucial role as symbols in Chinese culture!

Why not take a walk on the wild side and join us for an evening of animal madness?

November 24 at 6.30

Cardinal Wolsey for King and Country

The Tudor era in English history is one that has spawned thousands of books over the years. A large majority focus on Henry VIII and his six wives, as well as on his second daughter Elizabeth I. But there are others that focus on Thomas Cromwell, and in the case of Phil Roberts, on Cardinal Thomas Wolsey.

Many thanks for listening see you all next month


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