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Cultural Highlights  - June

Ahoy, Me Hearties!


Ready to enter the swashbuckling world of pirates?


On June the 27th you can learn all about the daring rogues of the sea and learn all about their seafaring adventures!


Or join a special singing session – in Chinese! – and learn about the wonderful Dragon Boat Festival on June 12th for a workshop that will immerse you in Chinese culture.


Here is Corinne Jones to tell us what else is in store online this month.

 7th June at noon till 1pm, Heritage and Technology


The devastation by fire of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in 2019 shocked the world. Now, five years later, it is due to reopen. The cathedral is being rebuilt to its ‘last-known state’, using period-appropriate tools, methods and materials.

However, in its day, Notre Dame was revolutionary and was the first grand masterpiece of a new French architecture. Similarly modern revolutionary techniques, including 3-D modelling software, have been used today to support its reconstruction.



12th June at 4pm, Chinese Singing Workshop


 Singer, storyteller and teacher Fong Liu invites you to join our special singing session - in Chinese! You'll learn how to sing a well-known and easy song in Chinese Mandarin.


The participants will learn:


• a story of the Dragon Boat Festival

• to sing a Chinese folk song: The dragon boat tune

• to say some useful words and phrases related to the Dragon Boat Festival in Chinese Mandarin

• to write some Chinese characters


16th June at 7pm, Art History 1:1


Dr Lillian Cespedes Gonzalez, PhD in history from the University of Winchester, starts this series in art history talks to help everyone engage with the art masters and unravel art history in a way that is more accessible and approachable. 


In this first lecture, we will learn about Michelangelo and his career as a fully-fledged artist in all mediums. This is a zoom talk, and the presentation will show several art pieces of the master as well as a background of his life and achievements.



17th June at 3pm, Mobile Carnival Museum


Immerse yourself in the rich history and traditions of carnival. See the intricate designs and artistry of majestic crowns, scepters and robes of Mardi Gras monarchs.


·        Discover the art of costume design and float construction.

·        View videos of parades and balls.

·        Witness the pomp and pageantry of past coronations.

·        Browse a pictorial gallery historical photographs of dating back to 1886.

·        Experience a behind the mask view of the street party by climbing aboard a rocking float.  



19th June at 7pm, The History & Legacy of Windrush Generation


Black History Studies presents ‘The History & Legacy of the Windrush Generation’. In this webinar, Black History Studies will uncover the history of the African presence in Britain before 1948, the history and legacy of race relations legislation in the UK, activists and organisations who challenged discriminatory behaviour before and since the arrival of the Windrush Generations in 1948 and the ongoing challenges faced by Black people in the UK.


June 23rd 2pm, Sudanese Culture and Cuisine


Join Hind Gaily, a teacher in an exciting panel where you will learn all about Sudanese culture and tradition!


Sudan is distinguished by its geographical and cultural diversity, and this is reflected in the diversity of customs, traditions, and even food, which differ from one region to another somewhat in name, but often have the same ingredients.


There are many Sudanese dishes that are served on various occasions. The most famous dishes known in Sudan are fava beans, falafel, porridge, kasra, qarasa, malah, ribs, various salads, and various desserts.



June 27th at 8pm, Ancient Greek Pirates


Dive into the thrilling world of ancient Greek pirates. Discover the notorious seafaring rogues who terrorized the Mediterranean, from the cunning Cilicians to the daring Tyrrhenians. Explore their methods, motivations, and the impact they had on Greek commerce, politics, and culture.


You’ll learn about famous pirate leaders, their battles with naval forces, and the strategies they used to plunder merchant ships and coastal towns.


Understand the measures taken by Greek city-states and the Roman Republic to combat piracy. Perfect for history enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike, this class offers a captivating glimpse into the lives of the enigmatic pirates who sailed the ancient seas.



28th June at 6pm, Live music performance with Jaison Brothers


Get ready to groove to the tunes of the talented Jaison Brothers in this online music event! Join us for an unforgettable event filled with soulful melodies and energetic beats.

Whether you're a fan of pop, rock, or jazz, this performance has something for everyone. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show from the comfort of your own home. Don't miss out on this opportunity to experience live music like never before!



30th June at 10am, Archaeology Exploration: Uncovering the Mysteries of the Past


Welcome to the virtual event, Archaeology Exploration: Uncovering the Mysteries of the Past! Join us for an exciting journey through time delving into the fascinating world of archaeology. Discover ancient civilizations, unearth hidden treasures, and learn about the tools and techniques used by archaeologists.

Whether you're a history buff or just curious about the past, this event is perfect for you. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to explore the mysteries of our ancestors from the comfort of your own home. Get ready to embark on an adventure that will leave you in awe of the wonders of the past!



Also, if you have time, a YouTube article about the wonderful artist J M W Turner 



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