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Culture Vultures 06.05.21

Hello fellow Culture Vultures,

On the 6th May 1840 the world's first adhesive postage stamp, the “Penny Black” was first used in Great Britain.

So the question for this weeks chat is: If you had the chance to choose , who or what would you feature on a stamp and why?

This weeks suggestions:

Last week was International 'Dance Day' and I found this piece based on classical ballet technique which was released on 29th April for the international dance day and is now shown on you tube. The British choreographer David Dawson creates contemporary, and often emotionally charged works of art that endear him to the press, the public and leading ballet companies all over the world. the film recording of Dawson's latest creation METAMORPHOSIS was launched, in five-parts about "hope and humanity, about finding light in darkness" :

Lunchtime concerts at Bishopsgate.

Friday 7th May at 1.00 pm.

This week a barber shop quartet called The Ashatones are playing. Streamed on Facebook, you don’t need an account just click the link:

Edinburgh Museum

8th May at 10.30am.

Taking inspiration from the exhibition Bright Shadows - Scottish Art in the 1920s they will explore how artists in this period of change explored colour and stylised forms.

They will use bright flowers and objects as their starting points to create beautiful collages and paintings. With artist Tessa Asquith-Lamb. Click on link on the day to access via Facebook you do not need a Facebook account to take part:

Tune in for a workshop on traditional Chinese instruments

8th May 6pm to 6.45 pm. Enjoy a special performance from Amely Zhou on Erhu, a two-string fiddle, and Lipeng Wu on Dizi, a transverse bamboo flute. Book via link:

A discussion with some of Northern Irelands most famous guitarists

May 10th at 7.00 pm

Join us as we, explore how music shapes our lives informs our views, and influences different generations. Radio presenter Ralph McLean and guitar technician Leif Bodnarchuk will host this series of discussions with some of Northern Ireland’s most famous guitarists – don’t miss this opportunity to meet your guitar heroes!.

Norfolk Museums : A talk about the town Crier Tuesday 11 May at 7.00pm

Join Watton town crier Mike Wabe to discover the history of town criers. just how long ago town criers were proclaiming their messages (and what messages they were).

Learn about such things as our livery, evolution, means of attracting attention and our connections with the law. And, discover some of the weird and wonderful things that have happened to modern town criers.

River of London

11th May at 6.30pm book via link below.

When people think of rivers and London, they think of the Thames. But the city was built around many other rivers too, and many traces of these can be found for those who know where to look. A secret network of underground rivers snake beneath the capital. In some places they can be seen and heard.

The viewing room: Rice brewing sisters club

11th to the 17th May

From home ground to homegrown. A grain to the circle. Body to body. This filmic pairing of Cheopcheopdamdam Iyagigeuk (2020) [loosely translated as Mountain Storytellers, Storytelling Mountains: A Tale Theatre] and A great circle with no rim acknowledges the opposites between the UK and Korea, and its invariable implications of here/there, and home/away:

Discovering the Blues

A free course with open education and open university. Discover the nature of typical blues lyrics recognise a blues scale , understand the concept of primary chords understand the 12-bar blues structure.

“The Dazzling Aten”,

An almost 3,400-year-old industrial, royal metropolis, “the Dazzling Aten”, has been found on the west bank of the Nile near the modern day city of Luxor. By Egyptian archaeologist Dr Zahi Hawass, the find has been compared in importance to the discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb almost a century earlier. Built by Amenhotep III and then used by his grandson Tutankhamen, the ruins of the city were an accidental discovery. In September last year, Hawass and his team were searching for a mortuary temple of Tutankhamen.

Also ,the other year The bombed out church (in Liverpool) had an event commemorating the May Blitz in Liverpool ,so if anyone would like a look here’s a video featuring Les Dennis , The Bombed out Church, Customs House and other sites.

Thanks for listening and best wishes to all

Corinne :)


May 12, 2021

Thanks Corinne fantastic goodies on her . Discovering the Blues love that

also Chinese Workshop . Look forward every week

May 13, 2021
Replying to

Thank you Corinne


Dave W
May 07, 2021

Thanks Corinne. Wonderful ideas. "The Dazzling Aten” sounds fascinating so that's my culture trip this week

May 07, 2021
Replying to

You might like the guitar hero’s one as well Dave

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