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Culture Vultures 10.09.20

"Hi Culture Vultures ,

Today is 10 September and it’s "National swop ideas" day! Got any good ones?

Also Roald Dahl was born on 13 September 1916 do you have a favourite book written by Ronald Dahl ? Mines got to be Charlie and the chocolate factory!

Why not pop over to the "Brolly Cafe" on the forum page to share your thoughts...and if you're unsure how to sign in as a member just contact the wellbeing centers team for a helping hand.

This weeks recommended listings:


Some short plays from the RSC depicting scenes from Shakespeare’s play in a humorous way

The faerie abduction RSC short film from midsummer nights dream

The wedding of phoebe and Silvious from the RSC from As You Like It

Which Boxers from RSC the Merchant of Venice

A fully improvised show complete with folk inspired songs and music using suggestions from the audience half hour long


The history of the British seaside

The Cultural landscape foundation

Postwar landscape is such an undervalued area,” says Sarah Charlesworth, who led the project for Historic England. Of the 1,600 sites on the national register of parks and gardens, only 24 had been from the second half of the 20th century.

The edge of the main road in Moreton, Wirral, is one such unexpected place. Along the route from the railway station to the former Cadbury Bros chocolate factory (later Burton’s Biscuits), where 6,000 workers used to arrive daily, are a series of cascading pools.

The British Academy

How the invention of the book changed history


A virtual tour of the latest art exhibitions at the Atkinson

A fab video on music in Liverpool called Routes Jukebox the documentary, featuring Jennifer Johns vocal coach, the Real Thing, Bob Marley, and Janice Long among many others, the documentary also touches on the stories of the forgotten links between Liverpool music and Motown and Reggae and on the various social and cultural factors that led to the creation of such an prolific and enduring music scene.


the National Heritage festival On the 11 September has a few events on line some you just click the link, here’s a few

Christchurch Waterloo on line

Views of Wavertree on line

The wavertree lock up

Bluecoat virtual tour

Bluecoat chambers school

The Brain charity are holding. Festival of happiness on line 16 September at 10.00 am email Shawn, the link is on there to join in any of the events listed

FERIA LATINA 2020. 14 - 19 September bringing together some incredibly talented artists and producers from Latin America to share their work, their experiences and their culture, bringing you performances, talks, workshops, discussions of Latin American arts and culture.

As part of this exciting week long On LineFestival, there are some wonderful artists commissions, a storytelling corner; a makers corner and a series of “In conversation with…” some amazing Latin American artists and cultural activists.

Best wishes



Nikki G
Sep 11, 2020

This is great news Corinne - well done! We know a few people who will be starting on this course and a big good luck to you all! 🌟


Sep 10, 2020

Aww Corinne thank you as always for your brilliant vlog. AND GREAT TO HEAR YOU HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED FOR THE PODCAST. Blessed be chuck I'm made up for you. 💜😁😁🌻

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