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Culture Vultures 24.09.20

Today is National one hit wonders day! So what’s your favourite one hit wonder song? Mines got to be Sugar Sugar by the Archies...

Also on the 26 September 1580 The Golden Hind arrived in Plymouth having sailed round the world under the captaincy of Sir Francis Drake

If you could make an epic journey what would be your mode of transport?

Looking forward to some great answers on the forum...


The complete works of Shakespeare abridged, hilarious production in 1 1/2 hours.

Download for free and you can watch the dress rehearsal recording of.

My Beautiful Laundrette” from the Curve theatre, a brilliant play and film.

The video is available


Some of the earliest film making of Victorian days 1897 to 1920 in Liverpool


Glasgow shanty night a free evening of shanty music Saturday 26 September at 7.30

Chopin a short bio of a genius who died at the young age of 39. His gifts as a pianist and improviser as much as his music brought him fame during his lifetime but the beauty of his melodies has maintained his popularity ever since

Reel tours Liverpool on location in New York with Bob Dylan’s album cover location for The Freewheelin Bob Dylan plus info on the stars life


An actual virtual museum with some fascinating information.

The Ben Uri virtual museum with exhibitions, podcasts, films, artworks and many other items to view. Also there is further information on:

The research unit - a study of Jewish and immigrant contributions to British visual culture since 1900.

The Arts and Health institute researches into the effects of art on older people living in social isolation or with dementia

Portraits of women poets in the U.K, a look at the lives of several women poets

Tony Daly With a fascinating talk about the art of teaching art and life in lockdown, he talks about the success of former students one being Chris Ofili who’s work is on display at the Tate Liverpool


Wigtown book festival this starts today until the 4 October and the events are online and free you just need to book via the link

Best wishes to you all



Sep 25, 2020

Your very Corinne as always you are such a good kind person


Sep 24, 2020

Very good Corrine you put so much effort into what you do


Sep 24, 2020

Oh heck I got the day wrong this time, bumfuzzled again.


Sep 24, 2020

Brilliant again Corinne. Thank you.

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