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Culture Vultures 25.02.21

Hello Everybody!

On February 26 it’s National 'Tell a Fairy Story Day' - there’s a few I like including some updated tales written by artists at Fact in Liverpool with a slight twist to the story.

This weeks question for the chat : If you could change any fairy tale, what would it be?

It’s also Global 'Scouse day' on the 28th February, so an extra question for this week is:

How do you serve your scouse, do you have any family traditions or recipe additions?

Head over to the chat page and get involved on the brolly café .

This weeks suggestions:

The British Museum and Artist's from Iran to Morocco

February 25th at 5.30pm

Grappling with taboos, alluding to literary heritage and providing insights into history and current politics, the artists reflect on societies that have experienced extraordinary changes in living memory. Through works of complexity and beauty, from drawings and photographs to artists' books, Venetia discusses the many stories that are threaded through the exhibition. 

Behind the Scenes

25 February from 6.30pm

Co-presented by York Ideas and YUSU, the Behind the Scenes series aims to give an insight into different professions and industries. Find out about careers beyond the traditional and discover the roles and jobs you may never have imagined.

Celebrating LGBTQ

From the British Museum a really good blog to read, celebrating LGBTQ stories from the collection picked by their LGBTQ tour volunteers, colleagues from partner museums and people who’ve worked with them.

LGBT+ human rights

Friday 26th at 12.00 to 1.00pm

To celebrate LGBT+ history month, CAHR has invited three of its former visiting human rights defender fellows to reflect on what defending LGBT+ rights looks like in the time of a global pandemic. We will hear from a current London-based LGBT+ funder and two Kenyan grassroots LGBT+ human rights defenders on global and local perspectives to LGBT+ defense.

The National Arts Club in conversation with Sir Ian Mckellen

3 March at 5.00 pm

Please join us for a wide-ranging dialogue, hosted by John F. Andrews, with a man who is globally renowned not only for his many accomplishments as a theatre artist, but for all he’s contributed to making our world a better place.

Breaking Ground Festival - Various events all day

Homebaked CLT is pleased to be contributing four events to the Breaking Ground Festival on Saturday 27th February. Each event is rooted in the values at the heart of our terrace and community, discussing the right to housing, the future of our high streets, sustainability in practice and our creative DNA. National and international friends join us to share their stories to inspire and explore the possible for Anfield, Everton & beyond.

London tours and the Stuart period

A really interesting tour of the Stuarts.

RMG and the History of the Cutty Sark

A detailed report on the Cutty Sark, ignore the part that says to book, that’s if you want to go for real, all the information is just below this part.

Art UK and the Chinese Zodiac

Art of London with a minute viewing on Waterhouse’s A Mermaid

A Mid Summers Night Dream by the Handlebards

Cycling Shakespearean actors who carry all their props, set and costumes on the back of their bikes. They perform extremely energetically they are charming, chaotic and environmentally sustainable. With theatre performed anywhere, theatres, gardens and even bicycle shops.

Have you been watching Bridgerton? Well here’s an interesting item called Beyond Bridgerton, and regency fashion from Arts UK

Best wishes to everyone and see you all next week!




Thanks Gill, like the Chinese zodiac as well xxx



Also liked the Cutty Sark. Waterhouse,s A Mermaid . Lovely well done Corinne

for a fab blog again😀



Love Bridgerton , Art UK and the chinese Zodiac omg fab .

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