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Culture Vultures 28.01.2021

On the 29th January, it’s National Puzzle day. So the question for the chat this week is: what is your favorite puzzle type? I’m hooked on Sudoku, but is there anything you like?

If you're already signed up to PSS Wellbeing Centres then you can become a member on Upbeat Liverpool to comment and share on the site! For more information on this please see 'About us'.

And for today's post I thought I'd share this interesting quote :

“In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins - - not through strength, but through perseverance." - Buddha

This weeks Culture Vulture suggestions:

Rifco theatre

Some free theatre to watch from Rifco theatre. In the first six sketches, two of the characters MC Maacho and Prema Patel (pronounced Petal) are on a mission to succeed. But their parents could be the roadblock to their path to success... what lengths will they go to get on? MC Maacho is desperate to represent his culture through music (and boost his Instagram followers) and Prema is in complete denial of her heritage on the cusp of her political career.

There’s enough to contend with a ‘new normal’ post-lockdown, but with their futures so close, will MC Maacho and Prema Patel be able to remove the ‘plastic’ of their cultural norm?

29th to 31st January is the RSPB big garden bird watch

Click on link to register for the event and they will send on a pack, plus there are downloads on the site:

The Great Exhibition Roadshow

On the 29th January 12.00 to 12.45 - The day in the life of Hugh Smith who is the Senior Wildlife Officer at the Royal Parks where a day at work can involve curating sanctuaries on the park's lake such as duck island, before building reed-bed habitats around the Serpentine where rarely spotted Bearded Tits can flourish. He also looks after the Pelicans and other ornamental waterfowl in St James’s Park. Join him to discuss the modern and future role of our city centre's parks, and hear all about his work. Book via the link below to join the live event :

A Space To Be

From the British Museum at 6.00 to 7.30 on the 29th January an event called 'A Space To Be' (a library of exile) with Artists playing a Rubab which is a lute like musical instrument from Afghanistan. The Rubab is one of the National musical instruments of Afghanistan. The sarod is a stringed instrument, used mainly in Hindustani music on the Indian subcontinent. Along with the sitar, it is among the most popular and prominent instruments. Plus a Saxaphone and a singer. Book free to watch this exciting event:

Women in Action story circle

A choice of one or all three dates dates: 2nd February 6.30 to 7.30 / 11th February 2.00 to 3.00pm and 19th February 3.00 to 4.00pm.

Women in Action is an arts and heritage project aiming to gather and celebrate stories of women's resilience, activism and community organising in Merseyside. In these one-hour Story Circles we will offer simple prompts inviting people to share their own memories and stories, and explore creative ways of interpreting and responding to these experiences. These sessions are suitable for any women aged 18+ with a connection to Merseyside. You might be someone with experience of activism or community organising; you might be interested in developing your creative skills; or you might just want to discuss what resilience or hope mean to you. You don't need to have a particular story in mind when you sign up, and you don't need to have any previous experience:

Plant drawing workshop

If you missed this live but want to take part here is the Plant drawing workshop from the Great exhibition road festival. Looks great fun especially the pen eating plant:

Plus worksheet to follow from:

A fascinating talk about Collections

The birth of imperial “collecting” Napoleon and the pillaging of Egypt and Rome. From the late eighteenth century Europeans purchased antiquities received them as gifts or took them by force in the midst of imperial and colonial military campaigns. Perhaps no one more famous for doing so than Napoleon 1 in Rome 1798 and then Egypt 1799 - 1800. Professor Bonnie Effros first gave this talk last year and it is now on YouTube to watch at your leisure:

A fab look at the history of Lancashire including Liverpool

From Heritage Calling:

History From History news

Joe Biden is now America’s 46th president so here’s 10 Unexpected Moments in Presidential Inauguration:

Medieval majesty Presented by Dr. Rocky Ruggiero

In the first half of the 14th century, in the city of Siena Artists such as Duccio, Simone Martini, and Ambrogio Lorenzetti were members of one of Europe’s most important school of painting. This replay of the live presentation will examine the art and architecture, discussing the striking Gothic cathedral of Siena, and examine the various artistic works which adorned it. It Also examines the Palazzo Pubblico, which has served as the political nerve center of the city for seven centuries, as well as the Piazza del Campo, which has been described as the most beautiful piazza in Italy :

Hidden sounds of music

Try this exercise when you have time, ways to increase mindfulness and awareness of nature:

February is LGBT+ history month

For the whole of February it’s LGBT+ history month , for events to join and view for the month from Liverpool museums see here:

More LGBT+ events to be listed next week, along with Time to Talk day which takes place on the 4th February - for more on this why not take a look on Upbeat Liverpool 'news' page.

Meanwhile, thanks for listening and bye for now!

Corinne :)


Feb 02, 2021

You are very welcome Corinnexx


Feb 01, 2021

Thank you Gill really appreciate your comments, see you on Friday, best wishes


Feb 01, 2021

very good blog Corinne.Rifco theatre, had a chuckle dating one was very funny

also Petal in Solihull fab . Lots interesting stuff on here , Corinne .

Well donexxx

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