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Culture Vultures 29.10.20

Hello Everyone,

Today is National Cat Day (Meeeooowww) and National Internet Day!

The forum question for this week is : on October 29th 1925 the first television transmission was made by John Logie Baird so, what’s your favourite TV programme?


The show must go on A Winters Tale

Here’s the Knee High theatre with a wonderful way to create silly stories

And a short play called the Neon Shadow


The fabulous artist Lubaina Himid celebrating the history of black creativity

Peter Blake and the Razzle Dazzle ferry

The Tate and Well-being and Art


Fallen Star a Short film about women

Poet and critic Jennifer Lee Tsai has produced the most poetically compelling script with Fallen Star, a hypnotic and beautiful piece about remembering & letting loose the body & spirit’s cultural connection to past ancestors and the liberation this brings.

Homotopia offer a fantastic range of free films to view

This ones by Amy Pennington and can be viewed from the 29 October. You also have the opportunity to join a one-off online creative workshop exploring memory, queer idols and representation taking part on Tuesday 3 November.

This is part of Queer Company, an arts project with young people in St Helens, produced by Heart of Glass with St Helens Council’s Arts in Libraries Programme (Cultural Hubs).

You can also book to see One Woman via the following link. Cheryl Martin is an older black lesbian disabled theatre artist, who’s won awards as a writer & director. The film is an exploration of how Cheryl’s mental health was shaped and how she transcended it.

The filming of Batman in Liverpool by the Reel Tours Company


The magic of fairy tales podcast

Lady lever highlights audio guide

Thanks everyone and see you next week!


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8 comentários

30 de out. de 2020

Hey Nicky you know i am a big cat fan.As i always have said love me love my feline. MMeow.


30 de out. de 2020

Thank you Nicky.


Nikki G
30 de out. de 2020

National cat day eh? I think cats probably believe everyday is their 'day', and why not....🐱

Any feline fans out there agree?


Dave W
30 de out. de 2020

Thanks Corinne. I'm going to have a look at the Fairy tales podcast over the weekend - will capture that childhood feeling again. Brilliant vlog as always


29 de out. de 2020

Your very welcome Gail.

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