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Culture Vultures - December

Another wonderful selection of cultural ideas from Corrine.

Friday 3 December at 6.30

Stephen Bourne presents an informative and accessible overview of his work as a historian of Black Britain. Starting in 1991 with his first book, Aunt Esther's Story, Stephen has managed, against the odds, to publish many books about the Black British experience. These include Black Poppies, his acclaimed study of Black servicemen in the First World War. His latest book is Deep Are the Roots, which celebrates the pioneers of Black British theatre, beginning in 1825 when Ira Aldridge made history as the first Black actor to play Othello in the United Kingdom.

Drawing movements 4 December at 1.00 pm. In collaboration with this year’s London International Animation Festival, two Japanese animation creators, Atsushi WADA and Sarina NIHEI, whose works will be shown as part of the festival, will come and talk about their creative processes as well as the ideas and inspirations behind their productions

6 December 2.00 to 3.00 from the arts society - As Good As Gold

The story of gold and its significance and symbolism within the history of art – as the colour of the sun; the colour of divinity; the colour of status and the colour of love. From creations ancient and contemporary, sacred and profane – all that glitters is certainly gold… Join Arts Society Lecturer Alexandra Epps to learn more.

8 December at 1.00 pm from the Atkinson on zoom -

I Grew Up 80s exhibition, curator Matt Fox will be time travelling through the cultural landscape of 1980s Britain, revisiting the vibrancy, quirkiness and innovation that symbolised the 80s. From Betamax to the Raleigh Burner BMX, the Rubik’s Cube™ to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, the Thompson Twins to Transformers!

Festival card making 8 December. 5.00 to 6.00 online from the great exhibition road show - When you click on the link to book a place the site will tell you what you will need to take part, various card, pens, glue etc.

Art unlocked 8 December 5.30 to 6.00

For our latest talk, join Art UK and Chantal Condron, Curator of Public Engagement at the Government Art Collection, for an exciting exploration of some notable works from this collection on 8th December 2021, 5:30pm.

14 December at 6.30 The Turn of the Screw - a question of ghosts Among the numerous adaptations of Henry James’s novella The Turn of the Screw is an opera, composed in 1954 by Benjamin Britten. Dr Lucy Walker will explore this adaptation of The Turn of the Screw – and several cinematic versions – and discuss the ‘Question of Ghosts’ in this most classic of haunted house stories.

15 December at 6.30 Film Noir - Night and the City (1950) begins with a hunted man running through the deserted, darkened spaces of a city at night. This is a nightmare landscape, a place of shadows and hidden threat, and one which throws us instantly into the world of film noir. However, we are not in New York’s mean streets, film noir’s most familiar setting. A voiceover announces, ‘The city is London’, and, as the fugitive pauses to catch his breath and looks fearfully over his shoulder, we see the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral behind him.

Barcelona-based creative agency Playful spent months creating a bold, beautiful, 100% computer-generated character called Cosmo. Since early 2020, they have been experimenting with her movement, stature, and personality to make her feel more human. Magna Mater is the team’s way of sharing their finished creation with the world while also setting themselves the task of seeing how far their imagination and CGI art can go. If you enjoy this there are more in the series to watch.

Music in the Moonlight from the Ricefield Arts Centre in Scotland a wonderful hour of Chinese music and song from the recent Autumn festival

Many best wishes for the holidays and remember to have a look at the Upbeat Liverpool site for more on line activities.


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02 בדצמ׳ 2021

Looking forward to visiting the Christmas Markets in Liverpool with the PSS on Wednesday 15 December

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