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Day Dumping – Finding little joys in the everyday

Going online can be a mental health minefield. Negative news stories, bragging social media posts… it can all get very loud and very destructive.

Which is why Day Dumping might be the new approach to evoke a sense of calm and gratitude.

What is Day Dumping you might ask? Well, the expression itself sounds very misleading but what it means is documenting (whether that might be through photography, video or writing) the everyday blessings we might take for granted.

That could be your pet dog or cat having a doze on your bed, or how the sun spills through your window. Maybe it’s the crumpets and cuppa you’re about to tuck into, or the smile a friend or family member is wearing.

Capturing a positive portfolio of our lives can help with feelings of achievement and self-worth. It’s that reminder to always seek out the beauty and the special moments in the everyday.

Remember, it’s not about productivity or measuring how much you’ve done that day, rather finding happiness in life as it already is.

Gratitude is engrained in science, the more we think positively the more it shapes and influences how we perceive the world around us. It can be very hard to think optimistically when life throws challenges so sometimes we need a collection of snapshots to remind us life can be all so very marvellous.

Why not try and enjoy the simple pleasures in life by taking photos of all the everyday moments that bring you happiness?

Furthermore, send them in to us at PSS so we can see what sets off those sparks of joy within you. Email:


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