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Feel better from head to toe - all from your chair!

The word yoga seems to make a lot of us feel quite tense.

Which is a shame really, as yoga is designed to do the very opposite. Yoga is one of the best forms of stress relief and can make you feel better from head to toe.

If you're emotionally struggling, going through an illness or living with a chronic condition then yoga can act as an integral part of your treatment and can aid healing.

And now you can receive all these benefits from your chair! PSS Wellbeing Centres are delivering an eight week course of Chair Based Yoga taking place at the Dutch Barn, Garston.

To express your interest give us a call on 0151 708 0415.

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1 comentario

13 ene 2023

Happy to hear chair based yoga has come to Dutch Barn, a lovely setting even in winter an outdoor view combined with this yoga with Kath sounds manageable for many people, combined with breathing techniques which is something we all need to work on every single day. 🌳🌱💚

Me gusta
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