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Feeling anxious, worried or stressed? PSS can help

When you are experiencing high levels of anxiety it can be very difficult to live life how you would like to live it.

At PSS Wellbeing Centres we understand how harmful anxiety can be to your body and your mind.

As part of our core courses here at PSS we offer Anxiety Management sessions which are especially designed to help you gain control and move forward in your life.

As well as helping us identify and understand the biological causes of anxiety symptoms, this course also looks closely at the relationship between our thoughts, behaviours and our experience of anxiety.

Our Anxiety Management courses run every eight weeks from our Wellbeing Centres with even the option to be hosted online if preferred.

If you haven't completed a Anxiety Management course and you would find it useful, or you'd appreciate a refresher, please get in touch on 0151 708 0415 or email

If you'd like to attend our Anxiety Management course but you're not a member with us then it is very easy to become one. You can self refer by calling our office number above where one of our friendly Wellbeing Practitioners will help you get registered.

Becoming a member is full of benefits. Not only will it allow you to access all our core courses including Anxiety Management, Lifting Mood and Mindfulness it will then unlock other courses and activities we offer here at PSS Wellbeing Centres.

Don't let anxiety ruin your life, get in touch and let us help you get back on track.


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