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Ian's Art - A little update

Hi every one,

Firstly apologies for there being no umbrella stages lately with having no specs and also the arrival of my new grandaughter Evie it has been a busy time indeed but thank you for all your lovely comments to do with Evie aswell as the art.

Stage three- 'A little Update'

Now I'm back on the canvas I've been trying to sort out the window frames which needed much work especially the second window from the main door! I've had to paint part of this out so I can paint in the frames straighter but also so i feel I'm moving on I started to do the two plaques near the main door ; hopefully it'll fall in to place?

Today's image is of the painting in progress with some work to windows and I've also added an under coat, a splash of green to the window boxes and a touch more work on the lower building.

I'll bring stage four to you soon and i hope much more 'll be done to canvas by then.

Take care and see you all soon.


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