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Ian's Art Exhibition - Week 4

"Hi every one,

And welcome to stage four of my exhibition.

1.St Cyrus.

Acrylic on canvas this painting was done in 2015 and the inspiration for doing this was from a photo when I went there with my family and it was so peaceful such a feeling of faith here St Cyrus is in Montrose, Scotland this painting was actually quite interesting to do, I only wish now I had of done the painting more like in 3-D...maybe next time?

2.Canning Dock.

Acrylic on canvas this painting was done in 2017 and a friend very kindly let me do this

from a photo he took which had great effect such a beautiful sunset my only dislike of the painting is the sky other then that it turned out well I've used the Sepia effect for the image.

3.Peel Castle.

Acrylic on canvas done in 2016 I feel this has great effect and so peaceful to look at and the reflection on the water so mirror image i was many weeks on this one but i had many attempts on the sky trying to improve the sunset until it got where it is now I m still not 100% happy with it....but what do you do with a perfectionist lol but maybe not too far off there could be another Peel Castle canvas it 'll be so different from this one one in 2016.

4.Liverpool Water Front.

Acrylic on canvas this was done in 2017 this is the second water front canvas i did and I've enclosed an image of when I was painting the first canvas in 2011 the inspiration came from a photo I took going to the Isle of Man in 2010 again sadly I do not have this latest canvas now as in the end it didn't work out but I've included a sepia effect image which brings pic more to life.

5. St Patrick's Isle.

Acrylic on canvas done 2017 the photo I took for this canvas was on an evening while on holiday in the isle of man while staying in Peel October 2016 it was dark and quite windy and a full tide was in the harbour giving the castle quite a feel with the display lights reflecting off the walls and water I don't know if you know? but the castle was haunted by a big black dog called the Moddy Dhoo who haunted Peel and Patrick area aswell this all added to the feel of the photo and doing the painting the sky at first was just black then I decided to add a moon and stars to give more feel to the painting also giving more detail to the sand stone was mostly an interesting and pleasing painting to do.

An action shot...

See you next week for the final exhib stage.

Take care,



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