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Ian's Art Gallery

Before lockdown Ian, alongside Shaun, was delivering peer support art sessions at PSS Wellbeing Centres. Over the last 16 months Ian went online and channeled his artistic skills by sharing his painting projects with us on Upbeat. It was a brilliant way to get creative and stay in touch over that time. A big thank you to Ian for stepping out of his comfort zone to make this happen!

As we return to face to face groups , Ian's preparing himself to jump back into peer support at the centres so in homage to his 'lock down' creations we wanted to share a gallery of his works.

Ian says: 'It'll be good to do the art group again after all this time. I didn't think I would do as much work as I did, it's all been good. I've added a few images of work I did on the blog from over the lockdown, hope you enjoy looking at them though Mona pic and wind mill are still in a finishing stage.'

Winters Scene

Once Upon A Time




Wavertree Windmill

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