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Ian's Art - I became a Grandad - and a few nice pictures

I became a very proud Grandad this week and wanted to share with you a picture of me and my beautiful granddaughter Evie. She's lovely.

Well done to Mum and Dad (Becky and Callum).

This week's Art

I should have new specs by Friday 😂 so stage three of the Umbrella will  be with you next week but in the mean time I've sent three more  bits of art for the blog to fill in this week

Peel Castle first attempt

This was the second canvas I did back in 2005  in paints acrylics. I remember doing much work  with the water putting paint on then rubbing in with a cloth  then adding detail with the waves coming into the beach. It looked quite effective at the time but the sky looked modern 'artish' really not acceptable so this was changed  in 2007 and much improved this canvas. I don't have it now  but it was a learning curve for me at the time.

I also painted these of Peel Castle

Old Kingdom of Thailand

Not really sure why I did this one? Most unusual but I was a few weeks on this one trying to get an effect with the water and sky even after it was finished. I came back to it trying to improve upon but I don't think there was a lot I could do to improve this. The medium is acrylic on canvas.


Acrylic on canvas. I've mixed feeling with this one. Nice colours but I feel maybe the reflection on the water is too intense. I should of calmed this down a bit. I feel maybe the painting has a biblical the way the sheep was one of my first attempts at doing animals but also the sky could of been improved upon.

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