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Ian's Art. Mona

Hello every one, welcome to another art stage.

Adding the lining to the loco -

This 'll take a steady hand and a good amount of patience and a good fine brush there are two lots of lining to do. Firstly, I'll do white lines on the loco water tank side, cab side and cab rear end. Once painted in I'll use black paint painting in between the white lines. There 'll just be the cylinder to do by the front buffer beam once I've worked on this; also coal bunker side of cab and the end of front buffer beam to do.

But as I expected there were problems with adding the lining on the rear cab especially around the thing I am annoyed about is that I didn't use a better canvas as this one feels it isn't staying taut and trying to do straight lines is much harder during this stage. I've even doubted weather I would even finish the canvas as the first lining attempt looked so off course; especially a photo of this canvas which would be no use for the blog...but I started to use a slightly bigger brush for the white lining and "TOUCH WOOD" it might have save the day.

As for feeling like a kid in a candy shop with this canvas Gillian I feel it is not quite so yet but I'm sure once done I'll feel that way...I hope (:

Thank you all again for your likes and comments your support is much appreciated.

See you all soon,


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24 May 2021

Appreciate you continue to share how it's going Ian. The good and the not so good. Green is my joint favourite colour so im loving the front of the train. 😊

25 May 2021
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Great Gail


22 May 2021

Fabulos Ian very inspiring😀


21 May 2021

It's looking great Ian!


Dave W
20 May 2021

I agree with Bev and Maria about how well it's coming along and the patience your showing. It was really interesting reading about the canvas and how this can affect what is being painted. Thinking of ways around these things shows real skill Ian.


20 May 2021

I admire your patience Ian!!! It's fascinating to hear the work and techniques that go into all the different parts of the painting. Made up you haven't given up, your patience and hard work show in your work 👍🏼😊

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