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Ian's Art - Mona

Hi everyone,

Seen as I'm in the middle of trying to sort out the track and the engine in my painting, which is taking me longer I thought, you might like to see the photo I'm working from for the canvas. This photo is from 1963 and the engine is in an Indian red livery but I intend to do the engine in an Apple green livery from 1967.

I hope to have another stage done for next week.

Take care,


4 commenti

16 feb 2021

Looking forward to seeing this great photo come to life on canvas, no pressure Ian :-) the process & your description of stages is really interesting.

Mi piace

12 feb 2021

Amazing Ian coming on really well

Mi piace

12 feb 2021

Looking forward to your next masterpiece Ian :)

Mi piace

Dave W
12 feb 2021

I really like this photograph. It feels evocative - the red and beige against an almost colourless background and smoke filling the air. Looking forward to seeing your next stage Ian. This feels like it will be a particularly difficult picture to paint

Mi piace
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