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Ian's Art - Mona

Hi every one,

And welcome to Stage Four where I'll be working on the loco and coaches and the back ground.

Loco - Worked on the pony truck the grey part on front of the chassis. This took a Little work to get right but I'll go back to this at some point and finish it off by adding some black and a little detail. I'll give the engine a coat of Apple green once I'm happy here.

Coaches - At last got round to giving the these an undercoat of red and yellow. The yellow - it'll be more of cream eventually.

Fore and back ground - The platform I gave this an under coat of grey and and the buildings added some colour, also the church spire needs straightening up a wee bit (lol).

Getting a feel for the canvas - There really had been so many obstacles to overcome and I feel there is more ahead and thinking about Gillian's comment about working slowly to get the standard I like. She is so right here, most certainly slow steps needed with this canvas. I feel there is a very narrow margin between getting this right or wrong, so patience is the key. Also I'm trying to not be such a perfectionist any more as this leads to more problems enjoying my art - this is working better for me I find. Once I added the sandstone colour to the buildings I can now feel that day out on the railway beginning.

Article from art magazine -

Finally I've enclosed an article from an art magazine a friend sent me and I thought you artists out there might like to see. I think we can all learn from it.

See you soon for stage five.

Take care and stay safe,


1 Komen

05 Mac 2021

Hi Ian your beautiful art is progressing so well .

What talent who have .You inspire me and many others😀

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