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Ian's Art. Mona

Hi every one, and welcome to another art stage.

Lorry - Well finally I got this basically painted in and I'm quite happy how it turned out but I'll work on this some more at a later stage.

Fireman - After many attempts I've finally got the figure sketched to the right scale which I made a template of and placed on the canvas to make sure I was happy with the perspective on the canvas. Once happy I put the drawing on the canvas and painted him in ....he looks a character doesn't he (: but I 'll do more work on him as the pic progresses.

Loco - I have given this another coat of green and a little lighter again.

Coaches - After all the work and messing about trying to do the figures it was time to tidy up the coaches with a darkish red and cream colour paint - looking better now.

Fore & back ground - where the track is I have given this an under coat of paint in between rails. Also where lorry is I've painted this white on station wall I also painted in the Windows on the buildings and did little bits to the harbour.

Trials - I've had my problems with the lorry and doing the figure but now the canvas is more or less under-coated I do feel quite happy how it is going.....but still plenty of work ahead as I try to bring painting more to life.

See you all soon for another stage.

Take care,


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