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Ian's Art - Umbrella

Week 9 of Ian's wonderful painting of the Umbrella showing Ian's patience and skill as he goes into the fine details that make the painting come alive.

Adding shadow around the tops of the window

Added more green to the plants and will finish off the details with gold.

Used a pen and ruler to emphasis the blinds

Hi Everyone, welcome to Stage nine.

1. Gave main door another coat of paint also added detail to letter box also lower door I added blinds using ruler and ball point pen.

2. Finally painted in posts on either side of main door and door frame.

3. Did some shading to brick work and picking out brick work, also adding more light here.

4. The drain pipe I gave this another coat of paint and added shadow on the left side and also lightened.

5. Also under the top windows I added shadow.

6. Windows above umbrella and building next door I added reflection and little details.

7. Brick arch I've been giving attention too this also there is a white line going round the outer arch main door way this I have been improving on.

8. Top step. I also worked on detailing this.

9. Also building up greens for plants in flower boxes there is linings on each of these I did an under coat of white for these and they'll be finished in gold acrylic...there is still a little more work on these boxes.

10. Full painting nearing a finish.

See you soon and hopefully stage ten will see the painting finished.

Take care


3 comentários

Dave W
06 de nov. de 2020

Fantastic Ian. Can see how much effort goes into your paintings and why they look so


06 de nov. de 2020

It,s fab Ian i love your work and all the fine details.


06 de nov. de 2020

It's looking great Ian, loving the final touches, i'm in awe of your patience and talent!

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