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Ian's Art. Winter Trees

Hi every one, welcome to the final stage of "Winter Trees".

Stage Two.

1. Continuing from last week building up base of canvas I added in the centre of canvas more light with some white also added a hint of yellow, orange and crimson mixing these in together with a little dry brushing with the sky. I added a bit more more pink but I broke this up a little with hints of blue in the sky as for the snow on the ground I brushed on some white with a hint of blue giving the snow a swept look.

2. The trees. These I started by painting in the trunks using black paint and a medium brush then onto the foliage using a dark green and the fan brush. This takes a little practice to use the brush but I applied the paint not too much using a dabbing action and also a stiffish brush can be used. The same procedure is used adding white to the trees for the snow with a little blue and pink.

3. In the back ground I added some smaller trees then I decided to added a cabin on the left hand side of canvas with some smoke coming from the chimney. Then it was just a case of finishing off little bits on canvas.

Here is a Sepia picture of the painting which I think looks very atmospheric

Well I hope you have enjoyed this "Winter Tree stages".

Just to finish off the final image is of "St Patrick's Isle" which is on exhib. It looks so nice against the stone fire place and so festive.

I've enjoyed doing the stages over this year and thank you for all your likes and comments. They mean a lot to me.

Have a very happy Christmas and all the very best for 2021 and happy painting every one next year.

Take care & very best wishes,



Dec 19, 2020

Wow Ian they are so enchanting. so inviting.They are beautiful.


Dec 18, 2020

Hoping Nikki will invite me too, it looks so beautiful Ian!


Nikki G
Dec 18, 2020

Amazing Ian. Feel as if I could wrap up warm and embark on a winter wonderland journey through those trees...

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