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Phone Photography Challenge: Small Things

Hello! And a big thanks to Simon, Sheila and Gail for sending in this week's photos.

This is from Simon of New Smyrna Beach in Florida. He says, 'I liked the stark contrast of the washed up tree in  the foreground and the lighters shades of beach and sky'. A lovely shot.

Great contrast here from Sheila with the bright green, yellow and red.

And these fab photos from Gail who says, 'The first is a trip with a friend, her in her truck , me in my van to catch the shooting stars overlooking Pendle Hill four years ago. We never saw the stars even though we got up at 3 am in the hope of catching their wonder. The sky however was marvelously moody.

The second one is a touch of heart over the Mersey. Love this photo i took in mid May showing the contrasts and beauty in nature. Plant life meets water meets the sky and Helsby hill. I revisited this place again today. So much more overgrown now and not long before there'll be an abundance of blackberries.

The last two are of a  brilliant shed a couple plots down from a friend's allotment on the wirral. It makes me smile each time I see it and yesterday was delighted to see they've now painted the back. It's pride month afterall and a couple of days away from the anniversary of stonewall.'

And now for his week's challenge.

It's small things. It can be indoors or out. What can you find? Do you have a collection of small things? A button tin? Small ornaments? Can you find things outside?

Please send your photos on this or any theme

Happy snapping!


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