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Photography Challenge - Above & Below

Hello! Big thanks to Gill, Gail and Bev for this week's gallery.

Here's Gill's response to last week's ABC challenge - to find items beginning with one or all three of these letters.

I like the way these photos almost mirror each other, similar but different.

Here's Bev's take on the same challenge. She said she likes the upside down clock best. Most of all I like the unexpectedness of this pairing.

While Gail treats us to her answer to the clouds challenge a couple of weeks ago. I particularly like the first for the angle and the Cathedral, almost a silhouette. Very dramatic.

Well done everyone.

This week's challenge is to find something you can photograph from above and below. Here are my examples.

As ever, you don't need to work to the theme. If something has caught your eye this week please send it in:

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