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Photography Challenge A Picture of Peace

Hello! Big thanks to Bev, Gill and Jennie for this week's gallery.

They all sent very different and excellent responses to last week's warmth challenge.

Here are some of Bev's to start us off.

'Hippy & Shelby never fail to warm my Heart, snuggle buddies.' And 'Food to warm you up, Chilli in Port Sunlight, not long back. Lovely day with friends'.

'The tree makes me feel warm & cosy at Home,' says Bev.

And from indoors to out with Gill's pictures of the tree in town. Love the reflection. Well done for spotting it.

Here are Jennie's. Incredible sky! I'm definitely feeling warmer now.

Meanwhile back at Gill's wander round town...there's a warm nose to be captured. I think this goes to show that if you have an idea in your head - in this case warmth - you begin to see what you might not have noticed otherwise.

And to finish, two very different images of warmth - 'This house looks so warm & welcoming in Port Sunlight' says Bev. And, 'Saving hard to get to warm & sunny holiday destination, something lovely to look forward to'.

A lovely varied gallery again. Now for this week's challenge, which is all about peace.

Can you take a picture of what peace looks like for you? Interpret it any way you like. It could be what brings you peace of mind or what brings some peacefulness to your day.

Please send your photos on this or any theme to:

This post has been edited. Apologies again to Gill for not crediting her for her photos the first time I published it.

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