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Photography Challenge As Easy As J K L

Hello! Big Thanks to Sheila, Jennie, Gill and Bev for this week's gallery.

Let's start with Sheila's pictures of peace. I like this photograph too because of its limited colours and for the line of stones and birds that leads us in to the picture.

Pennington Flash, Leigh

I vote for the coast too when it comes to looking for peace. This one also has a really good line with those rocks, leading us in and around the photo.

Kingsbarns Fife, Scotland

In contrast, Jennie's images of peace are all about light. Look at these shadows. And isn't it interesting that Jennie called this Peace, whereas I see this figure as being in distress and those shadows as the bars on the windows of her prison! That's interpretation for you!

This one is a Kathe Kollwitz sculpture installation in Berlin.

And Jennie says of this one, 'I can spending hours watching the changing light and shadows in the window in my living room'. Easy to see why.

And from Gill, some lovely shots of birds and water. Watching wildlife must be one of the most peaceful things we can do.

Love the line of birds in the branch.

Love the shape of this tree below.

And last but never least this lovely shot from Bev - 'I took this photo at Strawberry Field, the way the light shines through it and outside in the air of the garden is so lovely'.

Thank you everyone for your visions of peace.

Meanwhile back at the alphabet - this week's challenge is about finding something or some things beginning with J or K or L or all three.

I've got jam, jug, knives, loaf and love of bread and jam!

Please send your photos on this or any theme to:

3 commentaires

07 déc. 2020

Thank you Tracy admire the different ptcs that everyone has taken.


Dave W
07 déc. 2020

I often go to Pennington Flash so it felt lovely to see it in the first picture from Sheila. I really like these pictures, how they incorporate nature and light and how they all make you look into the picture further than the surface. Well done everyone


05 déc. 2020

Great pics everyone thanks for sharing.

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