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Photography Challenge: Bug Me

Hello! Big thanks to Bev, Sheila and Gail for this week's gallery.

Bev's green thumbs are very much on show this week so Iets start with this beaurtiful allium.

She's also got blackcurrants...


and even an oak tree.

And nice to see wildlife visiting ;-)

Meanwhile back at the flowers - the lilac flowers are a kind of campanula. I've got them growing freely everwhere, even sprouting out of brickwork. They're definitely having a good year. Have you got any where you are?

Sheila sent us the photo below and asked - what is it? I was able to identify it as I've had some too - can you?

And now some more of Gail's fab wildlife close ups, which also lead us nicely into this week's challenge.

This female blackbird looks as if it's posing for the photo. A lovely portrait and composition.

Thanks so much everyone for another great gallery.

This week's challenge is to take a picture of a bug/insect/small beastie of any kind. It could be a pesky housefly, something you've spotted on a walk or that spider in your bathroom. I've taken these with just my phone camera.

Please send your photos on this or anything that's caught your eye to:

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