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Photography Challenge Can You Spell It Out?

Big thanks this week to Hannah, Gill, Sheila, Bev, Gail and Sandra for this week's fab gallery.

Here's Hannah's response to the 'Soft' challenge. Can't decide which is the cutest out of these two pics.

And here's a great idea - to photograph an action over three shots.

Green, Gothic Hotel and Ivy - nice variety in Gill's GHI.

Last week Bev sent in a photo of a plant she couldn't identify. And thanks, Sheila for responding - could this be the same plant?

And here's Bev's response to the GHI challenge. Ganges, heron and Icky - her dear, late budgie.

Gails's GHI - a great shot of her younger self with her friend, Gaynor, another beautiful heron and the Inspiration Sculpture in Port Sunlight.

Also from Gail autumn moving into winter.

And finally, a GHI combination from Sandra; Greece, heart and her brother Ian.

A great variety again - well done everyone!

On to this week's challenge - Can You Spell It Out?

Do I need to spell it out? :-) Oh all right then. Use anything you can find to sell out a message or one of your favourite words or a word you use a lot. You don't have to stay in the kitchen - you might find stones, twigs, leaves or indoors perhaps stationery, things from a sewing kit?

And feel free to send photos from previous challenges - there's no time limit on these.

Send photos to:

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