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Photography Challenge Easy as D E F

Hello! Another great gallery this week and we're so pleased to have more of you joining the challenge. Big thanks to Bev, Sandra, Sheila, Gill, Jennie and Gail for this week's gallery.

Bev's caught silhouettes and fab shadows with this one. Love the washing line and those tiny triangles of light.

Here's Jennie's and Gail's sunsets. Amazing colours and great contrast in the shapes.

And Gill's and Sandra's trees. So different but each capturing leaf shapes with light and dark.

I really like how these photos of Jennie's have so much in common but a completely different feel.

More wonderful tree silhouettes from Gail and Sheila. Sunset is a great time for silhouettes.

And so of course is sunrise, as Gail shows here.

And you can feel the coolness of the early morning. How different the light is from the end of the day.

And one of the most stark silhouettes this week from Jennie. Bold and very effective.

Thank you again for all your images!

If you have more silhouettes feel free to send them in the coming weeks. It's one of my favourite subjects too.

This week's challenge... to look for things beginning with either D, E or F or all three if you like. Photograph them in any way and from any angle that pleases you.

Here are mine.

Please send your photos on this or any other theme to:

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