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Photography Challenge Easy as G H I

Hello! Big thanks to Hannah, Gail, Bev and Sheila for this week's fab gallery.

Here's Hannah's response to last week's challenge, Can You Hear it? Yes! Great photo of one of her four cats and these photos could also be about patterns or silhouettes and they all have an autumn feel to me.

And here's a sight I never tire of, the geese patterning the sky. And as Hannah says, they are loud!

Here's Gail's rather poignant set of photos. She says, 'Captured these fragmented pieces of guitar (hope it was lived once) on a walk with a friend this last week.

They feel symbolic of what's happening for so many people in the performing arts. Every day I know my life is enriched because of them. I think of the Barry White song

"Let the music play on

Just until this misery is gone

Movin, kicking, grooving

Keep the music strong

Please let it play on "'

Meanwhile, Bev has a quiz for us - anyone know what this is?

And Sheila's response in water and wind to Can You Hear It? I can!

Hannah also sent photos for the Not Pretty But Interesting challenge. How's this for a transformation?!

Hannah says, 'The first ‘not pretty’ pic was taken in March of this year. The second pic is how it looks now. This is what I spent lockdown doing.  I cleared it myself, then I had someone lay the grass for me. I’ve had my house for ten years and I’ve never been able to sit outside before this summer, it was always depressing to look at. Now though I absolutely love it, and I can’t stop taking pics of all the wildlife and insects and everything out there. I’m really made up with it'.

A lovely positive note to end the gallery with and well done eveyone!

I'll let Gordon Henry Indigo introduce this week's challenge...

...which is - can you find something beginning with either G H or I or all three and take a photo in any way you choose. Go on, have a go!

Please send your photos on this or any other theme to:

Happy snapping!

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