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Photography Challenge Seasonal Snippets

Hello! Big thanks to Jennie, Bev and Gill for this week's gallery.

Here's Jennie's response to the What Gives You Comfort challenge.

She says, Comfort - my emergency tool kit always includes a small sketchbook, a pen and my headphones so I can listen to an audiobook. Drinking coffee in cafes whilst observing the world whilst listening to books.

An angel by my bed.

Time spent with my 24 year old daughter. Here we’re in Mowgli one of our favourite places.

Love this close up; the blurred background, the colours and the way the light flows through it.

Thanks Jennie.

Here come a couple of reflections from Bev - the first intended and very effective, the second not, as I know her focus was on her reviving bay tree!

She's hoping she might be able to share the goodness if it keeps producing new shoots like this!

Hee are Gill's comforts - Christmas comfort, Quality street (not enough purple ones!), Lights in snow, Blue Christmas tree, Cup of tea! Looks good to me.

Thank you everyone! I feel very comforted.

This week's challenge is - do you have things around you which represents each season? For example, do you have spring bulbs popping up in a pot or outside? Is there a photo around which was taken in summer or a piece of clothing you only wear when it's hot? Have you got autumn leaves still about the place? Or are your Christmas cards and tree still up? Do you have ice in your garden or on your path?

This daffodil is on a tin, the poppies decorate a glass ornament, I found the autumn leaf yesterday and the ice the day before.

Any or all the seasons will be welcome or as ever, a photo or photos of anything which caught your eye.

Please send your photos to:

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