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Photography Challenge Tell Us a Story

Hello! Big thanks to Gail, Sheila, Bev, Gill and Chris for this week's gallery.

Let's start with Gail's cosy pics.

I am completely cosified.

Here's Sheila's lovely close up of what's to come in her response to the delicate challenge.

And more beauties from Gill.

And very different but just as delicate...

Here's Bev's response to delicate.

And this is my favourite - love those delicate shadows.

Gail takes us outdoors again for more delicacies. This is great the way she's caught the textures and dewdrops.

All say aaaah...great capture again.

And spring's on the way...

And a lovely piece of art.

And thanks to Chris for this lovely collection of winter trees and their textures, something I never tire of looking at. Looking forward to your spring pics, Chris.

What a fab gallery! Thanks everyone.

This week's challenge is to take a photo of something which has a story attached to it that you'd be happy to share.

In 1944 my dad was serving on the Queen Mary and on one voyage where there were prisoners of war on board, this ship in a bottle (on he left) was given to my dad by a German P.O.W. in exchange for a packets of cigarettes.

I don't know if he was inspired by this man, but my dad made many ships in bottles of his own in later years. You can see that each one has a different style.

So have you a story to share?

But as ever, we welcome photos on any theme and please send them to:

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10 Komentar

24 Feb 2021

Brilliant photos one and all and all so different😊


16 Feb 2021

Thank you Bev we all need positive vibes,And i always love your pics

so magic something up.


16 Feb 2021

I'm looking forward to your "secret" one Gill, and stories are great with photos:-) sending positive vibes to your pc !!!


16 Feb 2021

Just hope my pc works .


16 Feb 2021

Wonder,s what you are going to do next week. I have a secret one.

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