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Photography Challenge - Warmth

Hello! Big thanks to Gail, Bev, Jennie and Gill for this week's gallery. Everyone has shared some moments from their week following last week's challenge - and fab they are too! Here's something to make you smile and Gail says, This fiesty Robin came up close to pose. It's great to see the detail on his feathers.

A sight I imagine most of us haven't seen or not very often and unlike for the robin, Gail says, I had to be patient quiet and still for the kingfisher. This is in the Fairy Glen in Sefton Park.

And now we're off to the dock with Bev. She says it was sunny but freezing!

What do people think of this sculpture? I hate it!

I think this next shot works so well because it has something interesting in the foreground. And the front of that boat connects it with the boats further away. Is it just because we know this was taken this week, or can you tell it's a cold day?

Still in and around the same area, Gill's made a good job of capturing the graffiti art. Which one appeals to you?

This next one is my fave. Very character-full!

And let's stay on the street with Jennie's moments. I love the perspective in this first one and that it's made up of only two colours really. The streetlights look more like extra moons.

Be the love!

Now let's head to the beach with Milo! This is a great action shot.

And finally let's have a couple more of Bev's fab photos of India.

Well done everybody!

So I took this tiny video the other evening to because I wanted to show you the lovely sky -

- then afterwards thought of a challenge connected to it that fits with the cooler weather. Can you share a photo with us which brings to mind the word warmth? It could be to do with temperature but it could also be to do with affection or love. However you'd like to interpret the word, we'd love to see your photos.

But as ever, please send us your photos on any theme or just something which caught your eye in the coming week.

4 comentarios

23 nov 2020

Thank you so much Dave for your possitive feed back i really appreciate that.All the pics are great, Just loved the cheeky grin on the cat,s face.

Me gusta

Dave W
23 nov 2020

Again, these are such beautiful photographs and well done everyone. You're all so talented and produce such interesting pictures.

Gail - the amount of detail in that first picture (the Robin) is breathtaking. The Kingfisher is just stunning

Bev - I agree with Tracy, the picture of the Albert Dock is fab. I also love the Pumphouse and the shadows you captured against the blue sky

Gill - What a great idea to get the graffiti art in photography - you brought the art to life in a photograph (so clever). They're wonderful. I also enjoyed the cat picture!

Jennie - The moon and the streetlights picture is sensational. Love the way the street lights give tone and definition to…

Me gusta

21 nov 2020

I love the cat one Tracy think you know that already ha ha.

Me gusta

21 nov 2020

Really lovely pics of your bird, photos Gail you capture them very good, I like Bev,s of the Albert Dock i think those sculptures are cool unusual soi think unusual is good, dont knock it Bev. Love the photos of India. Nice street photos Jen . Lovely pics of the adorable Milo slumming it on the beach , lovely Tracy and the warm sunset.Great everyone well done.

Me gusta
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