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Photography Challenge: What Lies Between?

Hello! Big thanks to Gail for this week's gallery and I've included a few pics from my from my wanderings with the dog this week.

Gail was pleased to find bluetits nesting again this year between the bricks of a derelict building. I'm pleased too, partly because look at these photos!

And Gail spotted this beautiful goldfinch from her window.

And - with an apology because I forgot to post this one in a previous post - a great reflection. There's something about reflections. They always grab my attention - how about you?

And here are a few from my wanderings. I thought this was a moth but asked around and discovered it's an orange tip butterfly. What a sweetie!

A small patch od woodland I walk through is becoming full of ferns again. There's been loads of growth just in the last week. Love these plants.

A lovely mix of yellow and blue with meadow buttercup and green alcanet. You'd think it'd be called blue...

I haven't managed to identify this one yet but it's having a bumper year.

This week's challenge is what lies between. I've got two examples - what lies between the edges of a puddle (Gail's got one of these too!) and what lies between the gap in the trees.

You could take a photo of the view between your gate posts, between a gap in your curtains, between two leaves of a plants, between the knife and fork either side of a plate full of food or the view out of a window between two ornaments.

Please send your photos on this theme or anything that's grabbed your attention this week to:

Happy Snapping!

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